BECBC Shadow Board Award for Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year 2021

Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC) is a membership organisation bringing together businesses from all different backgrounds.  Their core values are Clean Energy, Community and Collaboration.

Each year, their Shadow Board host 4-5 awards to showcase the fantastic word of their members. 

Innova Learning was honoured to receive the Shadow Board award for Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year 2021.

The award recognises that supporting diversity and inclusion across the cluster is not only the right thing to do, but also supports the collective growth of the community. 

Looking out for one another has never been as important, especially when many of us are learning and working remotely on top of the personal restrictions the pandemic has enforced.  The Innovabox recognises the impact of the pandemic and incorporates group work activities that enhance the communication and team-work skills of young people.

Our spotlight on significant figures in STEM including Mary W Jackson, Guion Bluford, Helen Sharman and Tim Peake provides an opportunity for young people of all backgrounds to identify with successful academics.  This is so important to us, as inspiring young people into STEM from all backgrounds increases the STEM talent pipeline in the UK and improves social mobility in terms of prospective future income and job satisfaction.