Innovabox Space aims to educate students on Space through fun and interactive activities that are easy for the teacher to run.

Innovabox Space is broken down into three activities and includes all the materials needed (unless otherwise stipulated):

1. Day and Night Activity

This is an activity to start the day, by educating the students on the difference between Day and Night, and how it occurs. As well as why it differs across the world, and what causes this.

2. Solar System Activity

The purpose of this activity is to encourage the students to think critically whilst learning about the order of the planets in the Solar System. They will work in small groups to put the planets in order based on a video of clues. This activity will also earn the students tokens that can be used to earn more materials in the Mars Mission.

3. Mars Mission

Mars Mission is a retelling of the classic egg drop experiment. The students will work in small groups to protect their egg when dropped. Base materials will be provided for each team and they will have the opportunity to buy more materials from their teacher. They will earn the tokens to purchase these materials based on their performance in the previous activity.

Additional Features

Teacher’s pack including a Teacher’s Booklet to make the activities as easy as possible to run.

Log in details for exclusive access to the Teachers Section of this website, where Teachers can find additional learning materials and videos.

Freebies, including certificates and custom made bookmarks for the students.

As well as the above, each box contains our Significant Figures showcase where we provide information about some key figures through the history of Space for the teacher to share with students to inspire them.