Meet the Team

“I believe STEM learning from an early age is important, as it engages students and helps to develop skills such as team work, creativity and critical thinking.”

— Lauren , Project Manager

“I’m driven by the prospect of positively influencing the lives of young people and learning some things along the way.”

— Max, SME lead and Logistics

“I really hope to tap into the creative side of my brain and begin to tackle real issues in a fun and engaging way.”

— Arman, Product Development

“I aim to use my role in this department as an opportunity to develop my selling and creative skills, as well as raising awareness on the importance of STEM in our society.”

— Mike, Sales and Marketing

“From this role I’m hoping to improve my communications and relationship management skills, as well as my ability to work in a team and develop a project from start to finish.”

— Alessia, Stakeholder Management

“Working in this role has helped me learn more about what goes into running a business and how to manage company finances.”

— Jack, Finance

“This journey is an opportunity for me to execute the lessons I learnt from my degree as well as assist my team and raise awareness to the importance of STEM subjects.”

— Kwadwo, SME lead and Sales and Marketing

“I want to work hard and to be proud of our product, seeing it positively impact children all across the UK.”

— Isaque, Logistics

“As a female who chose a STEM pathway, I hope to help create something that encourages the next generation into STEM.”

— Katie, Product Development

“I have a passion for people and wellbeing and hope to build trusting, supportive and mutually beneficial relationships with our sponsors, end users, nominated charity and wider community.”

— Emma, Stakeholder Management

“This venture is an amazing opportunity to positively impact the lives of students by demonstrating the significance of STEM subjects.”

— Jake, Governance and Sustainability